“Let Me See the Colts” by Smog


Let Me See the Colts
A River Ain't Too Much to Love (2005)

“Margaret-Tiger Rug” by Skip Spence


Margaret-Tiger Rug
Skip Spence
Oar (1969)

“Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye” by Leonard Cohen


Hey That's No Way to Say Goodbye
Leonard Cohen
Songs of Leonard Cohen (Bonus Track Version) (1968)

“Wenn Der Morgen Graut” by Element Of Crime


Wenn Der Morgen Graut
Element Of Crime
Romantik (2001)

“True Love Will Find You In the End” by Daniel Johnston


True Love Will Find You In the End
Daniel Johnston
Welcome to My World (Bonus Tracks) (2006)

“Spiracle” by Soap&Skin


Spiracle - Single (2009)

“My Roots Are Strong And Deep” by The Microphones


My Roots Are Strong And Deep
The Microphones
Glow Pt. 2 (2002)

Ordered Lists #1: Of Podcasts I Love

I travelled well over one hundred thousand miles on airplanes this year. Among other things, this gave me plenty of time to listen to podcasts. Naturally, a lot of what’s out there is not worth the cerumen on your triple-flange earplugs. But there are a few gems. Some I have come to love so much that I’d be saddened if they’d suddenly disappear.

Because I do love lists, I shall compile and rank my current favorites for you:

  1. Jordan, Jesse GO!
  2. The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe
  3. Left, Right & Center
  4. Savage Love
  5. You Look Nice Today

You are probably already listening to the classics, This American Life, Radio Lab and the mostly excellent TED talks—if not, now is a good time to start.

For great science talk, also check out Skeptoid, Astronomy Cast and Point of Inquiry.

Consider this my plaisir coupable, but Drunk and Retired is filling the void of not working in an office with a bunch of smart-ass techmates. Das Girl might roll her eyes at me when she happens to listen in on this one, but really, how much stock can you put in the opinions of someone who regularly watches The Hills?

I also occasionally tune in to The Sound of Young America, Stop Podcasting Yourself!, To The Point, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, Film Week and Chicago’s own Sound Opinions.


Newness with Polka Dots

An’ I just blowed in,
an’ I’ll soon blow out again.

I’ve been told that times are such I should pack up my belongings, place them in a bindle, have a go at it.

Instead, and from now on, I will put them here.

Yes, I have tried something like this a few times before. I blame the tools. This time it’s personal.

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“Darkness on the Delta” by Rabbit Muse


Darkness on the Delta
Rabbit Muse
Muse Blues (1976)